Chris HirstAbout me: 

Having graduated from Bangor and Portsmouth Universities, I specialise in working with SME's helping to develop their Communication, Marketing and Business Development programmes.

I have extensive event and charity management experience including fundraising, marketing, recruitment, retention and recognition schemes.

Since 1996, I have worked and volunteered within Sail Training. A qualified Skipper, Watch Leader and Deckhand I am involved internationally with sail training programmes including: multiculturalism, overcoming disability and prejudice. My key area of interest relates to the benefits of experiential schemes in reengaging Youth at Risk and NEET's - an area where sail training has enjoyed real success. 

Chris in 30 words

Educated focused team player and leader, with infectious enthusiasm and drive. Sound analytical and communication skills, with a sharp business acumen. Background personal development training, event management and charity work.

To contact me please email: info@chrishirst.com